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Pathway+ project aims to use mobile game applications to assess the pedagogical needs of a child with moderate learning needs. This is at the core of Pathway+, in order to improve the pedagogical support for these children, so that these children with special educational needs can be included in mainstream classrooms. This is of course just a part of a complete holistic approach teachers need to follow, but it does lower the barrier for assessment of children with moderate learning disabilities, while also allowing teachers in inclusive education settings to have access to a tool that can support their decision making in what type of pedagogical approach should be adopted for each child.

Pathway+ outcomes could also be used by teacher educators, who may struggle to respond to the questions of their trainees about whether inclusive pedagogy is actually viable. Teachers and teacher educators addressing the challenge of teaching diverse class groups can use the outcomes as part of their own classroom based reflective practice.

How will this be done? Using mobile devices, a child can be assessed in a non-intrusive manner using kinetics, eye gaze, EEG and thermal measures that will be collected via the mobile device on which the child is playing a game. Based on the collected data, an analysis of attention and engagement will take place. This analysis can then be used to determine which pedagogical methods, strategies and approaches best support each child and their unique individual needs. This will be achieved by using the mobile pedagogical attention/engagement measurement app (IO3), a user friendly App that will collect data via non-intrusive gaming, while offering the teachers advice on pedagogical approaches based on their tracked engagement with existing resources (see needs analysis for detailed description of the application, a scientifically and pedagogically sound and mature concept).

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