INTED 2019 Konferansı’nda projenin makalesi sunuldu

KAYNAŞTIRMA EĞİTİMİNDE ANLAMLI BİR PEDAGOJİK YAKLAŞIM *H. Boulton1, D. Brown1, M. Taheri1, K. Van Isacker2, A. Burton1, N. Shopland1 *1 Nottingham Trent University (UNITED KINGDOM) *2 PhoenixKM BVBA (BELGIUM) *helen.boulton@ntu.ac.uk, david.brown@ntu.ac.uk, mohammad.taheri@ntu.ac.uk, *karel@pheonixkm.eu, andrew.burton@ntu.ac.uk, nicholas.shopland@ntu.ac.uk

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